Clicks In A Day

 I need to take more photos. It might be the weather or just that time of year but I just haven't taken out my camera lately. This past Sunday I grabbed it and decided to take photos throughout the day. It was nice uploading them and adding them to my files. My last photo upload was over a month ago :O. Crazy, I know. 

1. Painting I am working on 2. Mandatory mirror "selfie" 3. Favourite wool scarf, tribal pants and camera strap 4. My mother's cat 5. The current state of my fridge


I can't stop listening to Banks single "Change" - it's just too good, like most of her music, dark and soulful! 



As a child I used to love watching my mother re-arrange the furniture. Every few months she would announce that she was going to "switch" things up. I loved the way she would move the couch and then sit on it contemplating her next move. This simple switch up would often lead to a space that felt completely refreshed. I love interiors for this reason. When I watch a movie I find myself gazing at the decor all the time. Looking at photos of other peoples homes inspires me so much... here is a beautiful concrete, modern interior. I love the lower design aspects and those brown leather chairs are insane. 

Interior from FVF one of the best source for unique interiors.


Checking in.

The year is flying by already and I can't wait to be off school so I can blog more. 
I miss it so much because I only get to upload things every now and again + the past winters of my life have not been this dreadful. Come to think of it - they most likely were, I am just being a little girl about this. Ha! (gotta suck it up) Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying themselves where ever you are. Here are some current things I like, want and dream about. 

- A blog I am obsessed with right now is The Sprouted Kitchen

- Such an awesome Makeup Bag by Alphabet Bags

- This collection by Another Feather is beautiful. 

- I really want to try making a DIY Macrame plant holder. 

- My next apartment will have an abundance of natural light like this place .

My blog got a makeover and it's really really happy about the whole change ;) 


This and That

 Here a few photos from the last week or so. It feels nice to be taking more photos. The holidays were a  little crazy and I felt like there was never enough time. I don't know about other photographers, but sometimes I feel like just putting the camera down and I am not sure why. The last few months I guess I've just been busy but I haven't been bringing my camera around as much. It made me realize I missed it. More posts are in the making. 

Hope everyone is having a good week. 


Blog Crushing

Artists and fine art enthusiast of the world, I present to you The Jealous Curator. This is a fantastic blog, the content is insane. If you need inspiration or want to find solid work, this is the place to find it. I love that the author is not stuck on one style of work, she really knows how to be selective and yet delivers great variety. I love that the blog reads "Damn. I wish I would have thought of that". I can't count the amount of times I have felt that while looking at something that is just THAT good. I have spent hours on this blog and it is right up in my top ten. If you have some spare time, check it out and be ready to be bombarded with endless pages of great artists and work.