Many festivities are going on this weekend to celebrate Halloween. I've seen little kids in costumes leaving afternoon parties to adult clerks at stores all dressed up. Everyone looks so different all suited up. This year I am not dressing up and have no big plans for halloween weekend. Things are kind of crazy around here and funny enough I was feeling cool with the whole no halloween thing. That is until today when everywhere online and in person I see costumes and candy... Oh well, there is always next year and I will just have to do something out of the ordinary to make up for it! And of course I will  still be giving out candy on Halloween night :) Can't wait to see all those little tots in cute costumes! 
Happy Halloween to all!


Veggie Pasta

Vegetable pasta is a great and easy meal to make with left over veggies in the fridge. Living with two guys has taught me a few things. For one, always check if the toilet seat is down and secondly I never knew the word ''clean'' could have different meanings. However the one thing I have learned is that guys eat a lot (at least mine do). We are still learning to make meals that are budget friendly, healthy and most importantly that taste good! Pasta is a great option, because you can make many variations and you can freeze left overs for later meals (not that there are EVER left overs at my place, everything pretty much gets insta-consumed!). This Veggie Tomato Sauce is yummy, we make it pretty often. We use crushed tomatoes and some tomato paste as the base, and add all kinds of veggies. I let it all simmer up a storm and then pour it over our favorite pastas. The usual ingredients added are : garlic!! , chili powder, onions, celery, peppers of any color (though red and orange are my favorite!) carrots, zucchini and any other veggies that have been left behind. The great thing is you can leave out or add as many vegetables as you like! 


Photographs: Family

When I was over for Thanksgiving at my Grand-mothers, I found a heap load of old photos. Ranging form the early 30's and up until recent years. As I looked through most of them, I saw myself in my great grand-mother, her daughters and theirs. The women in our family are beautiful inside and out. I also noticed a striking resemblance between my mother as a young baby and my brother! I have a love for analogue photography and having all these original prints to look through was great. 

Sweet Finds: Reflections

I found this series of photographs by Texas based photographer Tom Hussey, I thought I would share. These are not usually the kind of photographs that would speak to me personally. However, it was not so much the composition as it was the content that caught my eye. I love the concept of reflections. I found myself looking at them over and over. These photographs create a dialogue between the present and the past, though it is not an original concept or something never heard of, it is one that I admire. 
Check out his work, pretty interesting! That being said, hope everyone is having a good week! Any sweet finds out there you would like to share!?


Baby Parts

I visited my friend today and got to see her little boy! It was a great day. As I mentioned previously, he is cute as a button. I got to hold him and see him crack tiny baby smiles which my day...even my week! He also began to make a whole new set of baby sounds, all of which make me want to melt to the ground. She is doing amazing with him and he looks so happy when he is with her. On top of all this, it turns out he has the most adorable little feet and hands!


Momma Jo


While at my grand-mothers I found some older pictures of my mother. These pictures are wonderful. I love old photos of my family members. I like to imagine what was going on that day and what had happened right after the picture was taken. The first photograph is of my mother at my great-grand-parents cottage, she is about 12 years old. The second, is of her in her mid 30's with a kitty cat in her over-all's. She is amazing, and still to this day she looks the same. I missed her real bad tonight and these pictures made me want to give her a big hug!

P.S While I was going through the pictures of family, I found great shots of my grand-parents! I will post soon. Goodnight.

We gave our Thanks



Tonight we had Thanksgiving dinner at my grand-mothers house. I love this holiday. The food,  colors and the smells. I'm writing with a full belly tonight! Of all the deliciousness we feasted on, my favorite was the Sweet Potato pie :) Even my grand-mama's pup was worn out from all the Thanksgiving action! Hope everyone is having a good holiday weekend filled with love and pie.


Banana Bread

I'm not great at baking. Although I wish I was because I love how pretty cakes and pastries look. The one thing I can bake is banana bread. What I love most about banana bread is that you can add all different kinds of ingredients to switch it up. I use a basic banana bread recipe and usually add a few things into the batter. You can add fruits, nuts, chocolate chips and really anything you want! For this one I added dried cranberries and chocolate chips. Most people leave the bread to cool off and then serve it. I love it straight out of the oven with a little butter :) Yummy!


Monday Night Snack

I had a busy weekend, between work and celebrating my birthday I feel like it just flew by. Tonight I curled up on the couch with a tea and a little dessert! I love adding different things to my yogurt, tonight I chose granola and mini choco chips! I love mini sized things! Another thing I love is my new camera and I am so hyped about testing it out. This bad boy shoots video which is really exciting! Well I am off to bed, feeling a little itch in my throat...hopefully I'll sleep it out. Goodnight to all.