Baby Boy

Little man! He will be 3 months soon, and he is ever so scrumptious! I have not seen him in about two weeks, I went to visit and took some snaps of his little changing body. Every time I see him, he seems to have added new tricks up his sleeve. He makes little grunts and noises that are just about enough to make me faint. He really is the cutest thing. I get baby fever when he's in my arms! And my friend is just about the coolest momma ever, she is so good with him and I am so proud of her. Can't wait to see him again soon!



It has been over 6 months since I finished school. I am taking a year off before university and it has been nice to just relax. However, I realized I had not been creating much art. To be honest really none at all, between working and now living on my own , there has been so much going on...And so yesterday I started sketching for fun and I realized how much I missed it. I was not sure what to paint and so I decided to just go with it. These are two pieces I drew up and I am so happy I started again, I feel like painting and drawing everything I see. I am currently using pens + acrylic paint!

 Hope everyone is having a good Monday!



When I was a child my mother used to make Buckwheat pancakes and I adored them. Up until this weekend I had not had one in over 10 years. I saw the little pack it comes in at the store and I though I would give it a try. I can't even explain the feeling I had when I took the first bite. It's like I could hear my mom cooking in the kitchen, I felt like a kid again. These pancakes , I found out, are very simple to make (and they are Vegan...hmm). They also are quite healthy, and like basic pancakes you can add different ingredients to spice them up! For these, I made a raspberry and vanilla version! YUM.


There is not much too say here! My cats love to lounge around and take long, luxurious Cat Nap's! They always look so comfortable where ever they decided to plop down! I envy them for their no-shame-laziness...



I made Pesto and Hummus today! It was delicious. Ever since I learned how to make hummus a few weeks ago I cannot stop. I am really in love with this snack because it simple to make...Also turns out it's pretty healthy. Another easy item I have come to know is Pesto! It is great on tomatoes as a snack or mixed into pasta as a meal. I am amazed at all the things one can make at home! I hope I never know it all! Happy Sunday to all. Here is to a great week :)