Slow Motion

Life feels like it's moving very slowly and yet I can't find a second to breath. I have so much coming up, you know that ''I just want to sleep in my bed for two weeks without being bothered'' feeling? That is how I feel. I am trying to organize the move to a new apartment (which I want more then anything right now! I've already been decorating in my head). It is a stressful process due to deadlines, finding the right person and subletting laws. I am praying it will all be over in the next few weeks and we will be moving into a nice new place May 1st. The blogging may die down over the beginning of April. I will be back soon and hopefully with great news about the apartment situation! 

And so, in the meantime, these are some shots of a lovely tea cup collection over at a friends bridal shower. So pretty! 



Fun Finds: Spring

When I was little I would draw all the things I wanted on one page - I called it the ''Things I want'' list. This is (I suppose) a more grown up way to do so. Here are a few fun items that make me want to skip around! I am in love with the Burt's Bees line of body wash and face products, I recently bought the face wash and I can't get enough! Also Feral makes the coolest watches if you have not checked them out, please do so as soon as possible. They just came out with a few new additions!

Can't wait for Spring to finally get here. We got hit with over 30 cm of snow yesterday, so we are all feeling a little behind. Here is to daydreaming about sunshine :) 

2. Fab Chair 
 4. Body Wash 


In The Kitchen: Sunday

Happy St-Patty's day! Plans changed and I ended up staying home today instead of going out to see the parade. Contemplating what to do with my day I finally decided to make some meals for the week ahead. While doing so I thought it would be fun to take photos for the blog and come up with a new post called ''In the Kitchen''. I love food & photography - so this really is the best of both worlds for me. Sunday is usually a big food day around here, but sometimes I work and so I might post photos from different days in the week! We will see. Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine, all we need is a little heat around here now!

P.S And I had to take a little cat break between cooking... how could I not! 


This and That

 What's up Buttercups! Here is my weekly this and that post. I am the owner of a new 50mm lens, and let me tell you...I am in love! I have no idea what I was doing before this lend came into my life. The grain and blur adds such character to (honestly) almost every picture I snap. I can't wait to use it outdoors for portraits, I'll post some shots soon. 

1. Skate Board Art for my brother 2. Honolulu hat 3. New lens 4. Photos on the wall 5. Mom and Me


I am loving this band and song! Check them out, they will be playing at Osheaga this summer in Montreal!


Spring Forward

Hello Spring! 
Over the weekend we advanced the clocks and the weather was great. I could feel the warm sun on my face and I was loving it. Spring is such a great season, it has a magical way of lifting spirits! Though there is still snow on the ground, I feel like skipping around outside in a t-shirt (I will restrain myself on that one! Still -2 degrees out there!) I have been spring cleaning and trying to organize my living space. We might be moving into a bigger place to accommodate a new roommate (omg!) I think it would be great to change things up and move into a new place to call home! We will find out for sure in a few weeks! All is looking up around here. This weekend we will be celebrating St-Patrick's Day. I am planning on getting my drink on in the big beautiful streets of Montreal to watch the parade!

Photos above of random things over the last few weeks.