Oh! Brother. 
He can't sit still for 5 minutes,
trying to take a "nice" photo always results in this kind of behaviour.

The bottom middle shot is a classic.



Self Portrait

These "selfies" were taken over the summer, I can tell because a. I have freckles from the sun and b. I remember the day I took them. Life has been FLYING by, this semester at school went by like a flash of light. There is now a lack of freckles and colour on my face, because (OMG!) it is Christmas in 2 weeks. What the what?...I keep wanting to post more but I find it challenging with school + work. I will have 4 weeks during the holidays, looking forward to a lighter work load without projects due. I want to try to make a few resolved drawings while I am on break. Personal work that is for me, without guidelines and deadlines & I want to read this book by Amy Poehler. I think she is out-of-this-world hilarious and have only heard great things about it. It's also part of the book club over on A Beautiful Mess for the month of December and I've read three books from their selection + loved them all!

Peace to all 



It's all coming to an end

I am going to blatantly ignore the fact that I have not posted in over 6 months and just go on as if I had been a good blogger all summer long! Here we go, so I spent a day near the water with my best friend in a nice spot that is free by bike and not too busy during the week. I seem to forget how accessible these wonderful outdoors spaces are, and indeed do not take advantage of them enough. Now that the season is slowly coming to an end I have an urge to take it all in before it's all frozen and covered in snow. I love the feeling of change that comes with September, I don't know if it's getting back into school or the cooler nights, but it's the best. 

Hope all is swell x


Clicks In A Day

 I need to take more photos. It might be the weather or just that time of year but I just haven't taken out my camera lately. This past Sunday I grabbed it and decided to take photos throughout the day. It was nice uploading them and adding them to my files. My last photo upload was over a month ago :O. Crazy, I know. 

1. Painting I am working on 2. Mandatory mirror "selfie" 3. Favourite wool scarf, tribal pants and camera strap 4. My mother's cat 5. The current state of my fridge


I can't stop listening to Banks single "Change" - it's just too good, like most of her music, dark and soulful! 



As a child I used to love watching my mother re-arrange the furniture. Every few months she would announce that she was going to "switch" things up. I loved the way she would move the couch and then sit on it contemplating her next move. This simple switch up would often lead to a space that felt completely refreshed. I love interiors for this reason. When I watch a movie I find myself gazing at the decor all the time. Looking at photos of other peoples homes inspires me so much... here is a beautiful concrete, modern interior. I love the lower design aspects and those brown leather chairs are insane. 

Interior from FVF one of the best source for unique interiors.